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“I am continuously wowed by the quality of the recording. Never has Turner’s gruff and soulful voice been captured in such a way, and the other instruments like the flute, sax and other horns aren’t lost in the wall of sound. This is especially evident in the third song on the EP, “Posseshun.” The flute and keys tickle the earbuds, and each takes turns in the spotlight, a perfect cohesion of rock and folk.”  -Raychel Johnson, Standard Examiner

“This group is insanely talented and their music holds a great edge and rawness with rugged yet thoughtful lyrics.”  -Brandon Long, GEAR:30 Radio Podcast

Music reporter Raychel Johnson interviewed Jon and Devin Turner, the two brothers who make up the core of The Highway Thieves. The two talk about how being siblings has influenced the band and why local music is important. Jon Turner was featured on the first episode of SE Music Scoop in November of 2014.

“Turner and his band The Highway Thieves have frequently played at the establishment, bringing their self-proclaimed “whiskey folk rock” to the center stage of Lighthouse Lounge. “The lighthouse is just as it sounds,” Turner said. “In my humble opinion, it is a shining light in the Ogden music scene! I can’t be thankful enough to venues like this one for giving us a place to play!” Turner also said he will be host to the weekly series at the Lighthouse Lounge called Ogden Unplugged. “Ogden Unplugged is an acoustic open mic jam that features local and national acts,” Turner said. “I’m really excited for it and to work with a venue so dedicated to supporting local music!”  -Derrek Gainsforth, WSU Signpost

“The Highway Thieves, a sextet consisting of two different set of siblings and two other members, has an interesting dynamic when it comes to the song writing process, according to Turner. “Its kinda cool actually, the siblings are quicker to bicker with each other whereas I feel like other people that weren’t related and have that close relationship would just be passive about things,” he said. “It does add a little spark to the writing process which I enjoy.” Turner’s brother Devin does lead vocals for the band, but has taken a different route getting there. While Jon Turner was busy playing barrooms, Devin Turner has been involved with theater, musicals, improv and choir. “Playing with my brother has been one of the happiest things ever for me,” Jon Turner said, adding that they both grew up in the house he currently resides in, affectionately known as the “Loud House.”  -Raychel Johnson, The Standard Examiner