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The Highway Thieves Bio

The Highway Thieves are a soulful, whiskey folk-rock septet hailing from the storied streets of Ogden, Utah. The default culture of religious conservatism in the region creates an equally extreme counter-culture and spawns some amazing artistic responses with more art projects and bands coming out of Utah today than ever before. A sorted band of misfits from all different backgrounds, whose commonalities seem at first glance to be a general disdain of normalcy and an aversion to following rules. Throwing out the concept of rules all together enables the band to constantly evolve, learn and grow from their musical journey.

The Highway Thieves have been creating passionate music for passionate people since 2010, when vocalist, harmonica player and guitarist Jon Turner began searching for a way to marry sincerity with melody and one by one, found musicians that would ultimately become the band at present. Including his younger brother Devin Turner who sings harmony. “I decided that we should pay homage to the sounds of the mountains,” Turner says, “To embrace our roots and stop trying to ‘sound’ like we are from somewhere else.” “And with every new member comes another perspective, timbre and personality to add to the collective, so I feel like the doors have really opened up to us stylistically.”

The band just released their six-track, self titled EP that showcases the individual musicianship of it’s members as well as their ability to conjure up writhing melodies and soundscapes of epic proportions. The Highway Thieves have been through multiple phases and lineup/instrumentation changes all in an effort to create an atmosphere of friendship, open creativity and a sound they could call their own. All brought to life by Turner, bassist Jesse Hodshire, pianist Kyler Lewis, horn/flute/synth/harp player Bill Bitner, drummer Matt Johnson, co-vocalist Devin Turner and lead guitarist Morgan Thomas. “Everyone should make music or art in some way shape or form,” says Turner.

To book The Highway Thieves, or get a hold of the new EP you can find them online at, like them on Facebook or follow THT on Twitter for updates on new music and upcoming shows near you!